How many photos will we receive?   The amount of photos that we deliver depends on many factors! You can usually expect around 50-70 images from your session. 

Will we receive high resolution jpegs?   Yes! We will provide a set of color jpegs as well as a copy of black and white jpegs, all of which will be high resolution.

Do you offer any discounts?   Unfortunately we are not able to offer any discounts or offer smaller packages. All of our pricing and packages were created on the balance of the time, work and people that it takes to create the level of quality in work that we provide. We appreciate your understanding. 

How long will it take to receive my images?   Our image turn around time is 6-8 weeks from your session date. Depending on the time of season they may be finished sooner. Please be prepared to wait the maximum amount of time! We are more than happy to email you a few samples if you have a need for an image or two ahead of time for any reason. 

I want to select my own photos- can I have all of the images taken during our session? Or - Can I edit the photos myself?   We hold a high level of quality to our work and do not allow images that we consider under quality to be released with our business name attached to it so this is something we do not accommodate. We select all useable images removing any that are blurry, have closed eyes, unflattering facial expressions, etc. As you will see in the sample galleries, there are many versions of each pose or location for you to chose from so it is like you are getting all images without the horribly awful ones!

How do we book our session?!    If you would like to book Blueberry for a session or have any questions, please email us through our "Contact Link" and let us know! To reserve your date, we require a signed contract as well as a $100 retainer that will go toward your final payment. 

When is final balance due?   Your final payment is due the day of your session. We currently accept payment via cash, check or through Venmo. Credit cards may be used through Venmo, however they do charge a 3% fee.

Why do you charge tax?   Many people don’t realize that photography is taxable. Labor and services leading to a product (i.e. High Resolution Files on a USB Drive, prints, or an album, etc.) are taxable in California which is why we charge a additional 10% tax on all of our coverage options. As it is our duty as a business to charge tax, we are not able to remove it. We appreciate your understanding. 

Are you available for destination sessions?   We love destination sessions! We will travel just about anywhere you’d like. Please email us for more information on distance specific travel fees. 

What if we’d like to keep our images private?   If you are uncomfortable with us blogging or posting your images, please let us know! We love to share our photos so that new clients can see our work but we understand and respect your right to privacy. 

Can we order extra prints or usb drives?   If you or any family members would like to order prints, we make it easy to do so on your online gallery! Keep in mind, you will have shared copyrights to your image files which means you can print them yourselves as well! We highly recommend for good quality prints at an affordable rate. We also offer copies of your USB drives for $150 if your relatives want their own! 

What should we wear to our portrait/engagement session?   Let's chat about it! We are more than happy to make specific recommendations that will go with your session. Go for anything that you feel confident and comfortable in but keep your location in mind. You don't want to blend in or clash with your background. We recommend avoiding anything too matchy-matchy or any loud colors and patterns. We always love layers, complimenting colors, mixing prints and solids, accessories. Having your hair and makeup professionally done always makes a huge difference as well! We recommend searching Pinterest and the lookbooks of your favorite designers and stores for inspiration! Again, feel free to ask us- I am more than happy to help you style!   

What is it like to work with you?   Our couples can explain this much better than we can, so please visit Yelp and read our reviews.

Have more questions? Shoot us an email! We are happy to help.